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 What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the convergence of technology and everyday life in your home.  It can be as simple as controlled lighting scenes or as complicated as large programs and macros that work to simplify and consolidate multiple daily tasks down to the push of a single button or a function triggered by a time and date on the calendar.

Home automation can help you monitor your home when you are away.  Have you or your friends ever been out of town and returned only to find that the air conditioning doesn't work or the refrigerator is broken and everything in the freezer has thawed out and drained on to your hard wood floor?

Let us set up a system to send you email or text message alerts to inform you if things have gone wrong while you are away.  We can set up alerts to tell you if the water heater has burst, if the interior motion sensor has gone off, and give you the ability to monitor your property over the internet with webcams.  We can even set it up so you can change the heating and air conditioning settings over the internet so your property is ready and waiting at the right temperature when you arrive.  You can also reset it over the internet for economy if you forgot to change the settings when you left, or set the lights to turn on at random times while you are away.

The possibilities are endless....


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