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Audio/Video | Video Surveillance | Video Conferencing | Networking | Digital Signs & Kiosks

What we do:

  • Video Walls.
  • Interactive Kiosks for lobbies, conference rooms & more.
  • Digital Signage on Multiple Flat Screens.
  • Digital Signage with Projections.
  • Projectors in conference rooms for your meetings and presentations.
  • Integration of advertising on existing TV systems.
  • Elevator digital Signage.

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What we have done (a small sample):

  • Interactive Custom Kiosks with multiple menus to access videos stored on solid state hard drives for reliability.  Easily navigated and operated with a single button and trackball (Andersonville, GA Prisoner of War Museum).
  • Streaming live music & video over the internet between venues (Tootsies Nashville & PC Beach).
  • Upgrade and retrofit digital TV's and monitors (Andersonville, GA Prisoner of War Museum).
  • Upgrade CD and DVD content to solid state devices with no moving parts (Andersonville, GA Prisoner of War Museum).
  • Hidden motorized projection screens that drop from ceiling (Walton County, FL Sheriff's office training room).
  • Multiple TV's with local keypads for satellite TV control (Red Brick Pizza Panama City Beach).
  • Distributed Cable TV systems for multiple locations (Red Brick Pizza Destin)


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Retail License # 07-00002771
Florida Limited Energy Electrical Contractor's License # ES12000601
Registered Federal Government Contractor